Fun Things to Do in Cambridge This February

Cambridge MA


Fun Things To Do in Cambridge This February

So you’re looking for things to do in Cambridge this February? You’re in luck! There is never a shortage of places to visit and things to see here. Explore the city's beautiful streets, brush up on its history, and indulge in a delicious meal. What more could you ask for, right? Here are just a [...]

What's the buyer's responsibility when reviewing a Purchase & Sale (P&S) Agreement?

I believe the most important role of the BUYER in the P&S process is to ensure that the business terms of the deal are correct in the P&S as the attorney is not always familiar with all the details of the deal especially if there are terms not included in the Offer to Purchase. The BUYER should ensure that everything that they believe was [...]

Best Boston Suburbs

Which Boston Suburb is Right For You 

There are quite a number of wonderful suburbs to explore and consider when moving to Boston. A suburb is very simply defined as an outlying area of a city which is primarily residential. That area can include smaller outlying municipalities and unincorporated areas. There are a lot of suburbs in [...]

Cambridge - one city, five zip codes

Cambridge, MA is one of the most desirable cities in the Greater Boston area but it isn’t homogeneous at all. In fact, Cambridge consists of 5 zip codes, with 4 that are truly residential. When buyers ask their real estate agents about where to look for a home in Cambridge, there is a real divide between East Cambridge (02140 and 02141) [...]