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Stoneham, Massachusetts, is a charming and historic town nestled in the heart of Middlesex County. With its picturesque New England landscape and rich cultural heritage, Stoneham offers an idyllic setting for residents and visitors alike. Founded in 1725, the town boasts a variety of well-preserved historical sites, including the Old Burying Ground and the Stoneham Public Library. Along with its historical attractions, Stoneham is known for its lush green spaces, such as the Middlesex Fells Reservation, which provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation like hiking, biking, and bird-watching. The warm and welcoming community atmosphere, combined with excellent schools and convenient access to nearby cities like Boston, make Stoneham a highly sought-after destination for those looking to experience the best of New England living.

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Stoneham, MA Real Estate

Stoneham, MA, a charming suburban town located just north of Boston, has experienced a steady growth in its real estate market in recent years. This thriving community offers an attractive blend of small-town charm and modern conveniences, making it a popular choice for families, young professionals, and retirees alike. With its highly rated schools, diverse housing options, and easy access to major highways and public transportation, Stoneham has become a sought-after location for those seeking a balanced lifestyle. The real estate market features a mix of beautifully preserved historic homes, contemporary condominiums, and spacious single-family residences, catering to various budgets and preferences. Furthermore, the town's commitment to preserving its green spaces, recreational facilities, and vibrant local businesses only adds to the overall appeal of Stoneham as a desirable place to call home.


Housing Stats & Demographics 2022

Median Sales Price: $600,000          Population: 23,625

Average Days on Market: 14           Median Household Income: $103,104

# of Homes Sold: 15                         Home Ownership Rate: 68%

Things To Do & Amenities

Stoneham, Massachusetts, is a delightful town that offers a variety of activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. Nature enthusiasts can explore the picturesque Middlesex Fells Reservation, a sprawling natural reserve with miles of hiking trails, scenic vistas, and opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife spotting. For those who enjoy cultural experiences, Stoneham Theatre presents live performances and productions throughout the year, showcasing local talent and fostering community engagement. The town's rich history can be discovered at the Stoneham Historical Society & Museum, which houses fascinating exhibits and artifacts from the area's past. Families will appreciate the Stone Zoo, a popular destination featuring diverse animal species and interactive exhibits for all ages. Additionally, Stoneham boasts numerous parks, recreational facilities, and sports leagues, catering to various interests and promoting an active lifestyle. With its blend of outdoor adventures, historical sites, and vibrant arts scene, Stoneham promises a fulfilling experience for everyone.

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